Coatings World magazine quoted the expert opinion of Yulia Kislova | Журнал «ПРОМЫШЛЕННАЯ ОКРАСКА»
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Coatings World magazine quoted the expert opinion of Yulia Kislova

The expert opinion of Yulia Kislova, Director of the Market Guide Agency, appeared on the pages of the May issue of Coatings World, American paint and varnish magazine.  Vladislav Vorotnikov, the correspondent of the edition, during the preparation of his article on the market of water-dispersion coatings in Russia, turned to Yulia Kislova's research "The forecast for the development of the water-dispersion coatings market by segments in Russia up to 2020”. Major trends in the industry and the main driving forces: customers, stimulating growth, large-scale projects, trends of manufactured products, were given in issue №5‒6 of the Industrial Coatings magazine. This is not for the first time when the foreign press refers to the studies of the Market Guide Agency as the most authoritative.

 We would like to remind you that the Agency is rightfully considered to be one of the most professional in the field of B2B marketing and marketing research, development and promotion of new products, brands and business lines, sales management, logistics, formation of feasibility studies and business plans to attract Russian and foreign investment, as well as credit resources.

Article in Coatings World

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